===Hey, it's Rinzler here. And i'll be the one keeping you up to date on some of the Fails of the Week, once a week, every week. I'll be stating what date and time there posted, which Fail of the Week it is, and some of the details in the videos. So get to reading and have fun with it.===

Fails of the Week:Volume 20Edit

HFAmemberRINZLER 03:47, February 9, 2011 (UTC)

EDONKULATION overthrew a plasma, trying to stick an elite, and ended up sticking his own teammate. His teammate tried to assassinate the elite, blew up, and gave EDONKULATION a kill along with a betrayal.

GHENGISKHAN45th went into predator mode in a game atop of forge world. He was invisible, trying to get as many kills as possible, and ended up getting sniped, epic headshot, when he was invisible. If I may say, that is one EPIC failure.

SHADOWSEDGE19 was atop the legendary spire, fighting the usual grunts and elite with the energy sword, if you've played the campaign. So he's fighting them and the elite runs out, SHADOWSEDGE19 ready to fight back, and the elite gets in a banshee and just takes off. Just jets out in the middle of the fight. It's pretty funny, I think.

ANTIGA9019 is desperately trying to get into a falcon in mid flight. So he's jumping up and down, over and over again, trying to get in it. He decides to try his jet pack, he doesn't make it in, but when he lands he instantaneously gets splattered by a RED. I don't even think the RED saw him. He just got lucky. He just happened to have a BLUE jump out in front of his wharthog. Lucky bastard. jk.

KOJAXX threw a plasma at an elite, the elite was running, gravity hammer in hand, and the plasma ricoches off of the tip of the gravity hammer, and flies back to KOJAXX, killing him with an epic explosion of pure suicide.

That's all for this volume of Fails of the Week.

Another will be posted next week.

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